Custom Flashlight

TGE flashlight manufacturer provides you with customized services, including LOGO, color, packaging. you can tell us your design or send us pictures,and we product it for you.Or you can let us design it for you.

Wholesale Flashlight

TGE flashlight has wholesale wooden toys business. we can support small bulk order. or mixed order, you can choose from our website or download our price list.If you are interseted, can email to us.

Welcome To Flashlight Manufacturer

Founded in 2009, TGE flashlight manufacturer specializes in the research, development, design, production and sales of energy-saving and environmentally friendly flashlights. It is a manufacturer with a history of nearly ten years. The manufacturer’s products are suitable for families, night travel, outdoor activities (including adventure, camping, etc.), public security, rescue, fire fighting and other fields.

Tactical Flashlight

Tactical flashlights are used primarily by military and law enforcement personnel. Its high and low-temperature performance, sealing performance, corrosion resistance, durability, illumination, color temperature, etc. are much higher than ordinary flashlights.


Rechargeable Flashlights

The rechargeable flashlight is a new type of lighting tool with the light-emitting diode as the light source. It has the advantages of power saving, durability, strong brightness, etc. It is green and environmentally friendly. It usually uses LED bulbs and has a long life. It is suitable for a night out and power outage lighting.


Mini Flashlights

The mini flashlight is compact and easy to carry outdoors. Its proper weight, more secure in the hand, and long life of the bulb. For those who are afraid of carrying trouble, this is a good choice, it can be placed in a pocket, or in a bag, very convenient.


Applications Of Flashlights




Why Choose Us

  • Direct Manufacturer
  • Small Bulk Order
  • Advanced Technology
  • Perfect Aftet Sales
  • Faster Delivery
  • Free Stock Sample
  • Beautiful Design

Direct Manufacturer

We are flashlight direct manufacturer, we custom any style flashlight, including Tactical, Rechargeable, Adjustable Beam Flashlights, USB Mini Flashlight..

Custom Your Own Brand

We can custom your own brand logo on our products, you can choose from our website or catalog, and provide your own logo, we can print that for you, build your own brand.

Fast Delivery

We production flashlight generally within 15days, if order big enough may need more few days. make sure you can get goods in time.


Our flashlight application for, Night riding, night fishing, outdoor camping, caving, diving, outdoor sports, search and rescue, industrial lighting, home security, etc.

Custom Packaging

We can custom packaging bag, box, and carton box. Any box shape, color, material is possible, you can visit our packaging gallery to choose the packaging style you like.

Return Policy

We have our own return policy, under normal use, product quality problems occur and customers can return goods without reason.

Customer Testimonials


Engaged in the chemical industry, it needs to be inspected at night. In some places, the lighting is not good. It is more convenient with it, strong light, and long distance. Check the equipment for a clear look.


Often camping outdoors, the brightness of the flashlights purchased before is very dim, there is no way to satisfy my outdoor use, this brightness directly kills other flashlights 10 times, the brightness is very good! ! Strong and weak S0S flash gear shift. Quality materials are very kind!


The lighting is very bright, the quality of the flashlights bought by the supermarket is much better, and the function stalls are more than the supermarkets. The heads are not as big as the ones in the store. This belt is much more convenient on the body, and the battery is also used. Big, very…


I used to carry it with me. I thought it was very inconvenient to take it. In fact, it was very small, it was just carried with me, and the brightness was high, the workmanship was fine and solid, and it was very safe.