Camping flashlights should be purchased with: lightweight and easy to carry. Ultra-energy-saving long life, effective light source solution, no hot, soft light source without strobe to effectively protect the eyes. Rainproof design, all-weather use; night work lighting, night fishing lighting; camping, field lighting; car overhaul, garage spares, etc.

Night fishing flashlights refer to the night fishing, in order to see the fine movement of the fish float, you need to use special lamps to illuminate the fish float to make it visible, in order to accurately determine the fish situation, the lamps used at this time are night fishing flashlights. In short, the night fishing flashlights are the lights used to watch the drifting at night.

A very important piece of equipment for night riding – the choice of bicycle flashlights is very important. Bicycle flashlights have also been discovered and developed into professional bicycle lights in recent years when bicycles become a leisurely tool. Before the introduction of professional bicycle lights, many people like to use glare flashlights as lighting tools.

The diving flashlight is a type of underwater lighting. The earliest diving flashlights are only used as diver lighting, but as people’s interest in the sea is more intense, and the exploration of underwater ancient artifacts, national marine geography, the latest trend of underwater wedding photography, etc., underwater cameras are widely used.

The environment that the cave is dealing with is more sinister, and the rock reflection rate in the cave is low, so the brightness must be high! The water in the cave requires the flashlight to have good waterproof characteristics, and at any time the crisis situation requires the flashlight to be strong and durable, and the impact and fall of the stone cannot be damaged.

What is the first step of night hunting? Of course, it is clear to see the animals. Nowadays, there are very few people who use the hounds and hunters to use the simple optical equipment to make the hunters have dark eyes. The most common tools are thermal imaging, night vision, and hunting flashlight.