Material: aluminum alloy
Light source form: LED
Maximum range: 200-500 meters
Life time: 8 hours
Focusing mode: telescopic focusing
Wick: T6 wick
Switch: Central switch for easy adjustment
1. Supports the charging of most USB interface devices, equipped with a waterproof silicone plug to prevent rainwater from penetrating and sustainable and stable charging.
2. Strong light long-range shot of 300 meters, easy to operate, can be completed with one hand.
3. The irradiation area is about 50 square meters, which can be used as maintenance lights, camping lights, street lights, site lights, table lamps.

  • Camping

Camping is a short-term outdoor lifestyle. It is a temporary outdoor camping area for engineering, military, surveying, and tourism. It includes short-term outdoor camps such as camps, straw sheds, and garages.
Military camping often has complex structures, which are subdivided into living areas, accommodation areas, communication areas, command areas, etc., while tourism uses more convenient outdoor equipment to achieve outdoor recreation.

  • Camping equipment

Tent: It is better to choose a double-layer tent with stable structure, lightweight, strong wind resistance, and strong rain resistance.
Sleeping bag: The down or goose down sleeping bag is light and warm, but the premise is that it must be kept dry. When the environmental conditions are damp, the artificial vacuum sleeping bag may be a better choice.
Backpack: The backpack frame should conform to its own body structure and have a comfortable carrying system (such as shoulder strap, belt, backboard).
Fire equipment: lighters, matches, candles, magnifying glasses. Among them, the candle can be used as both a light source and an excellent combustion improver.
Lighting equipment: camp lights (both electric and camp lights), headlights, flashlights
Wild equipment: kettle, multi-function picnic pot, sharp multi-function folding knife, tableware
Special tools: compass, map, rope, folding plaque, needlework, hook line, chopper, camera
Water and food: meat, sugar, fat, salt
Life-saving box: antidote, anti-powder, cold medicine, diarrhea medicine, Yunnan Baiyao, analgesic, gauze, tape, bandage.

  • Camping flashlight

Camping flashlights provide lighting at the campsite, scare away beasts, indicate the location of the camp, etc., and are movable fixtures.
Camping flashlights should be purchased with: lightweight and easy to carry. Ultra-energy-saving long life, effective light source solution, no hot, soft light source without strobe to effectively protect the eyes. Rainproof design, all-weather use; night work lighting, night fishing lighting; camping, field lighting; car overhaul, garage spares, etc. Try to buy beautiful and novel products as much as possible. It is also a good decoration at home.
There are many types of camping flashlights. Nowadays, the cold-light energy-saving lamps and LED bulbs are basically used. The earliest use is the dry battery type. The disadvantage is that the battery should be carried more and the weight is relatively large. Nowadays, charging type camping lights are generally used, such as car charger, power charger, solar panel charging, etc., can be charged anytime and anywhere, convenient for energy saving and environmental protection, and do not have to worry about power problems, widely loved.

  • Which camping lights and flashlights are more suitable for camping?

First of all, from the point of view of use, camping lights are also known as tent lights. As the name implies, they are lamps used for lighting after tents. Generally, such lamps are designed as lanterns. Because it is designed to be used in camps or tents, the light of camping lights is generally not strong, and only moonlight nights can illuminate a range of about 5 meters. Most of the light sources used are LEDs, and camping lights with incandescent lamps or other light sources are present. Since camping lights are generally only used for short outings or car trips, camping lights are basically not used for hiking. In contrast, flashlights are used in a much wider range. The qualified outdoor flashlight itself has a lighting range of fewer than 20 meters, and it must be able to adjust the brightness. For outdoor flashlights, the light source basically uses LED lamp beads and has certain requirements for the luminous flux and floodlighting ability of the flashlight. Compared to camping lights, outdoor flashlights can also be used for night road lighting, adventure, and other activities, more practical.

Secondly, from the perspective of volume and weight, the design of camping lights is more about the relationship between lighting and energy consumption. Therefore, it is generally bulky and has considerable weight. The average camping light is about half the size of a 2L Coke bottle, and the weight ranges from 200g to 500g. It can’t be said to be easy to carry. The outdoor flashlight is much smaller. Even the small monster-level outdoor flashlight occupies a space as large as a glasses case. The weight is not as large as the camping light. It is more convenient for hiking and long-term use.

Finally, from the price point of view, the demand for the light source for camping lights is not large. The LED lamp beads or ordinary light bulbs used are relatively cheap, and the outer casing is mostly made of PVC material. Therefore, most camping lights can be bought for two or three hundred yuan. If you add features such as solar cells, it will be slightly more expensive, but it will not exceed ¥500. Outdoor flashlights have requirements for the light source, heat dissipation, waterproofing, etc. The technical content of the outer casing is relatively high. It is currently said that the only LED lamp bead suitable for outdoor use comes from CREE, which costs less than ¥20per piece. Also raised the price of the flashlight. It is necessary to balance the luminous flux, weight, water resistance, and heat dissipation capacity. The outdoor flashlights are more than ¥500 and thousands of dollars.

In general, camping lights and flashlights are more suitable for outdoor outing camping!