Material: aluminum alloy
Lamp Beads: US CREE XHP50
Brightness: 2564 lumens
Battery: 18650 lithium battery *4
Gear position: glare, medium light, flashing
Range: 500 meters or more
Life time: 2-8 hours
Weight: 465g
1. Using four 18650 lithium batteries, the battery case can be removed and replaced without the battery being damaged, resulting in a large battery capacity, ensuring more than 6 hours of battery life.
2. IPX4 life waterproof, can prevent general splashing and harsh environment, no fear of wind and rain, rain can also work as usual.

Caves, like rock climbing, ice climbing, downhill, and canyoning, are basically a series of risky technical movements that are basically developed from mountaineering and can be divided into mountaineering. There are two types of cavities in daily life: waterhole exploration and dry hole exploration. The cave has relatively high technical requirements. In cave exploration, it is necessary to frequently use the techniques of single rope lifting, rock climbing, swimming, diving, rescue first aid, and enter the deep cave. Objects for caving include naturally formed and artificially drilled holes.

  • Cave flashlight

The environment that the cave is dealing with is more sinister, and the rock reflection rate in the cave is low, so the brightness must be high! The water in the cave requires the flashlight to have good waterproof characteristics, and at any time the crisis situation requires the flashlight to be strong and durable, and the impact and fall of the stone cannot be damaged.

So how do you buy it?

1. Barrel material. The materials used for the barrel of a good flashlight are as follows: aluminum alloy, aluminum-magnesium alloy, ABS engineering resin, etc. Of course, the best is high-strength carbon and titanium alloy. These materials are high-strength (a good flashlight can withstand pressures of several hundred pounds to two thousand pounds), shockproof and anti-drop (excellent waterproof, no rust (this is especially true in harsh outdoor conditions) Important) As for stainless steel, it is not recommended to consider it. It is stainless steel. It will be rusted when it is corroded for a long time. It is easy to be oxidized. Once the inside of the barrel is exposed to moisture, the battery will short-circuit and leak. The material is heavier. The disadvantages of aluminum alloy, aluminum-magnesium alloy, and ABS engineering resin are that the strength is worse than that of titanium alloy, although it is not corroded by water, it is easily corroded by other acidic alkaline liquids. High-strength carbon Titanium alloy is the best, anti-corrosion, high strength, of course, the price is not cheap. Some flashlights use so-called aerospace materials, in fact, aluminum-magnesium alloy or titanium alloy and other materials have been added to make the strength higher, not What new materials.
2. Production process. The barrel must be integrated. Look carefully at the surface of the barrel and the transverse cut (unscrew the back cover to see the cylinder section) for gaps or welds that run through the barrel. If not, it means that the manufacturer of the flashlight is a big factory (this integrated production process is generally not a small factory), and the production process is not bad. If you have any problems, you should pay attention to it. First, this kind of flashlight is generally produced by small factories. There is no guarantee after the sale. Things are easy to break. If they are broken, they may not be repaired. Second, there is a welded body that is definitely better than an integrated barrel. It’s easier and worse. If you don’t believe, you can find a few pieces of iron to bend back and forth. See if the two pieces of welding are easy to break together or a complete piece is easy to break. The third is that there will be gaps in the weld, and the gap will cause the water to enter. Moisture can damage the inside of the flashlight. The surface of the barrel must be embossed by the machine and non-slip. Look at the ginning is also learned, at first glance, the rolling is not neat (not neat, the process is poor, it will reduce the degree of solidity), and secondly, there is no place to roll through the barrel (rolling through the barrel will reduce the firmness and will advance Water into the tide), three to touch and see if you don’t tie your hand (do you dare to use it). Some flashlights have no ginning on the surface and are wrapped in a PU leather. It is not recommended to buy such a flashlight. If the weather is too hot, the PU will generally become soft and sticky; when the weather is cold, it will become brittle and easy to break.
3. Light source. The most common is a hot light source with a small electric bead, which is easy to break down; and it is declining, the battery power is slowly reduced, and the light will become darker and darker, so don’t use this kind of flashlight. Nowadays, the LED cold light source is more popular. The advantage is that it does not emit high heat, no decay, and consumes very little power (generally 15%-30% of the same wattage small beads) and has a long service life. More than 100,000 hours), the spectrum is close to natural light, the disadvantage is that the brightness is small, so the current LED flashlight is to put together one or twenty small beads, but this can only increase the brightness, and can not increase the range of light. The best LEDs can only reach tens of meters, suitable for general camping, and are not enough for jungle exploration and caving. There is also Xenon or Xenon lamp beads, the light is very strong, can reach the range of hundreds of meters, the cave is also enough, the life of the lamp beads is longer but not as good as LED, the European and American military basically use this type of flashlight. The disadvantage is that it is relatively power-consuming. Only a fraction of the LED or even a fraction of a mile cannot be illuminated for a long time. Therefore, LEDs can generally be used for ordinary dry batteries. Such flashlights generally require lithium batteries or special batteries. This is the case with tactical flashlights or military police flashlights. It should be noted that the visibility and range (effective light distance) of the light source are two different things. Visibility refers to the dark night. Other distances can be seen by others. You can see that there is light here. The function is for the light signal or the wild distress signal. The range is also the effective distance of the illuminance, which refers to how far the light can clearly illuminate the front.
4. Power supply. Dry batteries or rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries, etc., can be chosen at will. However, if you buy a good flashlight, you must have a good battery. If you use a battery that is poor, if it leaks or shorts, your flashlight will be finished.
5. Lamp glass. The glass material on the lamp head (some LED flashlights have no lamp glass, the electric beads are exposed), the best is polycarbonate material and high-strength optical glass, shockproof and anti-fall, which can make the light emitted by the lamp be closer to the real one. Natural light. Most of the excellent glass is not flat. If you look closely, you can find that the surface has a certain curvature or a transparent bump at the center of the circle. This is to better concentrate the light. The disadvantage is that the cost is high. The price is expensive, but also more delicate, usually pay more attention to maintenance. Followed by high-strength resin materials, most of which are the same as the resin materials on the glasses we usually use. The hardness is 1.56, and there are a few better points to reach 1.60. It is shockproof and anti-drop, the spectrum is close to natural light, and the cost is low. It is not wear-resistant, the surface is easy to produce scratches, which will greatly interfere with the concentrating of the beam, so that the beam is divergent, but now there are some anti-wear high-hardness resin sheets to overcome this shortcoming. Everyone knows about ordinary glass and plexiglass, so I won’t talk about it. It should be noted that the high hardness and high strength of the glass material are two different things. The higher the hardness, the more wear-resistant, and the higher the strength, the more resistant to falling. When purchasing, the lamp holder should be removed, and carefully observe whether there are bubbles in the glass (there are bubbles affecting the condensing property), whether the two sides are neat and tidy (uneven and unsmooth will also affect the condensing property), and how the transparency of the glass (transparency affects the light transmission) Sexual and effective light distance), whether the edges are neat and smooth (uneven and unsmooth will have gaps, resulting in moisture into the moisture, will also reduce the firmness of the glass). In addition, it depends on the heat resistance and heat insulation of the glass. Some halogen lamps with high wattage and high brightness can be used for a long time. The temperature of the beads can reach Baidu. You don’t want the glass to be burned or burned.
6. Reflective cups. The reflective cup material behind the electric bead is preferably made of a metal material such as aluminum alloy, aluminum-magnesium alloy or titanium alloy, and is absolutely heat-resistant (at least high temperature of 400 degrees or more). It is absolutely impossible to use plastic or what is called Reinforce the resin material or it will burn out. Carefully check the reflector for gaps or solder joints, scratches or stains on the surface (if any, affecting the concentrating and effective distance of the beam), and whether the surface and edges are neat and tidy (just like the glass of the lamp).
7. Other details. After the lamp holder and tail are removed, there should be a waterproof gasket; the inside of the cylinder should be anodized to prevent leakage and run. The battery is not used for one year. Basically, it will not leak electricity. The operating temperature range should be wide, from minus three to forty degrees to four or fifty degrees Celsius, can be used to deal with a variety of harsh environments; the switch is preferably a rotary or tail safety push type, not recommended for side press, this kind of It is easy to accidentally press or damage.