What are the specific roles of cartons in product packaging


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1. Prevent product damage and deformation. Product packaging must be able to withstand various impacts, vibrations, bumps, compressions, frictions, and other external forces in the process of loading, transportation, storage, etc., to form protection for the inner products, and have a certain anti-vibration strength.
2. Prevent chemical changes in the product. Products are susceptible to dampness, mildew, deterioration, rust, and chemical changes during circulation and consumption, which affect the normal use of products. This requires the packaging to play a role in blocking moisture, moisture, light, and harmful gases to a certain extent, so as to avoid the adverse effects of the external environment on the product.
3. Prevent the influence of harmful organisms on the product. Rats, insects, and other harmful organisms are very destructive to the product. This requires the packaging to have the ability to block the intrusion of molds, insects, and rats, and form a protective effect on the products inside.
4. Prevent the mixing of foreign matter, dirt pollution, loss, loss, and theft, etc.