Various printing methods


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What are the characteristics of screen printing

1. Strong printing adaptability 2. Strong three-dimensional effect 3. Strong light resistance 4. Large printing area

Introduction to laser printing

A printing technology developed in the 1960s and the first laser printer was born in 1971.
Laser printing technology uses a laser beam to quickly “project” digital graphics or documents onto a photosensitive surface (photosensitive drum). Electron discharge occurs at the position hit by the laser beam, and then, due to static electricity, it attracts some slender objects like a magnet. “Toner”, the printing effect comes out.
Because the core of its printing technology is laser imaging technology, this printing technology is called “laser printing technology”.

Introduction of Thermal Transfer Technology

The designed pattern is made into a copper plate, and then the pattern is engraved on the copper plate by color by an electric engraving machine. Then take the copper plate to the printing machine to print the pattern on the PET film, and then transfer the pattern to the product by the thermal transfer machine.