Common problems with flashlights


Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
We are a professional manufacturer of LED flashlights, LED headlights, and other lighting products.
How do you control product quality?
We check the products one by one before doing bulk packaging
If I place an order, how long will it take to ship?
It usually takes 30 days to complete the goods, but sometimes depends on the order quantity
How long does it take to make a sample?
It usually takes 4-5 days to make a new sample
Can we print our logo on the product?
Yes, you can print your logo on the product.
Why doesn’t the flashlight light up?
Common troubleshooting of flashlight
1. Determine the fault: Unscrew the tail to expose the negative electrode of the battery, use scissors or tweezers to connect the negative electrode of the battery to the exposed unoxidized part of the bright flashlight next to the battery to see if it lights up. If yes, it is the problem with the torch switch, please follow step 3 to check; if it still does not light up
Please check whether there is open tin or dummy tin in the soldering at the junction of the circuit compartment and the circuit board. If there is, please re-soldering to solve the problem.
2. Check the battery: make sure that the battery is charged and inserted in the correct direction. Different types of batteries cannot be used, and old and new batteries cannot be mixed.
3. Check the tail cover switch: Unscrew the tail of the LED flashlight, you can see that there is a switch pressing ring with two concave points on the outer ring of the switch spring, use tweezers or scissors to pin the two concave points and rotate clockwise to check Whether the switch pressure ring is loose, make sure that the switch pressure ring is tightly pressed on the switch, and there is no looseness
(Suitable for flashlights with tail switch).
4. Before overhauling, please make sure that the threads of the flashlight are not loosely tightened. If the threads are not tightened, it may be the cause of non-lighting or faint light.
What is the use of a laser flashlight?
Product Usage:
Teacher/Lecturer-used for classroom teaching, it is like an infinitely extending pointer, so that you can easily mark the blackboard in any corner of the classroom, it is definitely the right assistant of teachers!
Business people/conference speaker-used for product demonstrations and conference explanations, making your speech freely and communicating with customers more easily and naturally.
Exhibition hall/guide-when you are at a loss when facing a target that is “hard to reach”, it can help you easily and accurately indicate the target.
Wild traveler/explorer-used for wild adventures, indicating distant targets and sending out distress signals, making you travel happier and safer.
Astronomy enthusiasts-for astronomy to refer to the stars, the beam emitted by the green laser is a very beautiful green line, which is very suitable for observing the starry sky at night and can help you point out the position of the stars.
Construction site/mining field-used for long-distance and accurate indication of buildings, which can avoid approaching dangerous areas and make you feel like an on-site command from kilometers away.
Self-defense-when you encounter a dangerous animal attack in the mountains, or when a gangster robs you, threatening your life and property, you can use it for self-defense. You only need to use it to scare the other party. Don’t be true. Blind people’s eyes.
Military command or exercise-when you want to explain to your subordinates which direction your target is in the air or halfway in the distance, do you still make desperate gestures with your hands? Of course not, you can point to the horizon with the touch of a button, which greatly enhances your demeanor.
Fire/disaster relief/help/earthquake-a life-saving pen that saves lives in many emergencies.
How many meters can a flashlight laser light shoot?
The lowest watt is about 1 to 1.5 watts, and the farthest is about four kilometers. The highest watt laser pointer can have 5 watts because the lamp body of the laser light with more than 5 watts cannot be pen-shaped, so there is no heat dissipation at all, and the longest range is about 15,000 meters.
What is the principle of the laser flashlight pattern?
There is an engraved glass sheet in front of the light bulb of the flashlight. Light can only pass through the hollow part, which naturally forms a special pattern. As you can imagine, a star shape is carved out on a piece of opaque cardboard. Then cover it in front of the lampshade of the flashlight.
The principle of the rotation can be changed is that there are different patterns on it in a circle, and the rotation can make the lamp holder align with different patterns.
How many hours can a rechargeable flashlight be fully charged?
In the beginning, charge for 12 hours, and the battery needs to be fully charged for the first 3 times. Rechargeable flashlights are generally lead batteries, which can basically be fully charged in four or five hours. If it is a lithium battery, it is recommended to be fully charged. Don’t let the flashlight recharge at all times, so as not to shorten the life of the flashlight.
Electricity has a great relationship with storage time. You can use it when you buy it. When the brightness of the LED bulb dims, you must charge it in time. The lithium battery should not be overcharged or over-discharged. Some control circuits are well designed and have complete protection measures so that the maintenance requirements for the battery will be very low.
What is the charging voltage of the flashlight battery?
It depends on what kind of battery is used. If it is a lithium battery, it is 3.6v; if it is a dead battery, it is 4v, 6v, or 12v; it depends on the volume. If it is a nickel-metal hydride battery, the voltage of a single cell is 1.2v, usually 2 cells, which is 2.4v.
The capacity of the battery is an important indicator to measure the performance of the battery. Generally expressed in ampere-hour. The general term of discharge time (hours) and discharge current (amperes), namely capacity = discharge time × discharge current.
How to charge the bright flashlight?
1. Unscrew the tail cap of the flashlight and take out the battery.
2. Put the battery into the special charging box (note: when putting the battery in, the positive and negative poles of the battery must be aligned with the positive and negative poles of the battery box, otherwise it will not be charged)
3. Take out the charger and insert the two pins into the power-taking interface, and insert the back end into the battery box jack. When charging, the light on the charger is red. When the indicator light changes from red to green, it means that the charging is complete. At this time, you can take out the battery and use it.
What is the use of a strong flashlight?
1. Battery Installation Unscrew the tail cover, pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the battery, put the battery in, and screw on the tail cover.
2. When the flashlight is turned off, press the middle rubber cap to turn on the flashlight, and repeat the above steps to turn it off.
3. Press the switch when using spot shooting, and the light will light up as a weak light. Need to switch the light, just tap the switch to achieve tactical burst. The functions are in order, low light, strong light, and flash. The light goes off when the switch is pressed. (Use of tactical flashlight)