1. What kind of lamp beads are used for LED flashlights?
Light bulbs for flashlights, depending on what grades you make, the cheapest ones are straw LEDs, slightly better high-power LED flashlights, cheaper domestic high-power LED beads, and better quality. The use of imported LEDs, such as the US CREE, South Korea’s SSC, and Nichia’s LED.


2. LED flashlight lamp beads are generally much power
Different LED parameters are different. It depends on the specification or test. The power of the general led flashlight bead is mostly 3-3.5V 20MA is 0.06W and the output is about 7LM. 3-3.5V 60MA is 0.2W and the light is around 20ML. The 3-3.5V 350MA is 1W and the light is around 100LM.

3. LED flashlight lamp bead specification model
General ordinary small flashlight LED —- white straw hat LED, working voltage: 3.0-3.2V, current 20MA, brightness is generally above 3000MCD, different LED manufacturers name LED specifications are not the same!


4. LED flashlight lamp beads how to replace
To change the LED lamp bead, you must first see if the flashlight has a circuit compartment or a place where it can accommodate the circuit. LEDs are generally not directly driven, otherwise, the voltage fluctuations are large and it is easy to burn the lamps. If there is no problem in the structure, just buy a suitable circuit and solder it in the order of connection with the soldering iron.


5. LED flashlight lamp bead temperature measurement
The lamp bead is XML-2, the drive is 2.8A, due to the line length, and the contact problem, only 2.A more, the substrate is aluminum. Have time to test the copper plate again.
The working time is about 5 minutes, the temperature of the lamp bead is about 90 degrees, and the temperature of the aluminum plate is about 60 degrees, but the temperature of 2–5 minutes is not obvious, and the ambient temperature is about 20 degrees.


6. How to judge the quality of LED flashlight lamp beads
The glare flashlight uses LED lamp beads to generally distinguish the quality of the flashlight bead.
The first one is: the average person is differentiated by brand. The most common flashlight on the flashlight is the American CREE lamp bead. As long as it is a genuine product, the quality is very good. The common CREE lamp bead models are: Q5, XPE, T6, our flashlight is genuine US CRE lamp beads.
The second one is to judge the LED lamp beads without brand. First of all, we can look at the LED lamp bead packaging process, as well as the brightness and purity of the light. Not very bright, or the color is not good is not too good LED lamp beads.