Material: aluminum alloy
Light bulb: LED
Range: 500 meters or more
Life time: 1.5-02 hours
Gear position: 5 files – 8 files
Battery: 26650 lithium battery
Length: 146mm
Weight: 200g
1. CREE HI XPL 35*35 lamp with a head diameter of 52mm. Increase the diameter of the head to make the light more concentrated.
2. The end of the middle cylinder is electrically conductive, and the positive/negative electrode is directly copper-touched, and the front and rear springs are soft touched

In order to obtain food, the primitive society had to find ways to hunt the beasts. Many primitive tribes even chose a very primitive way to hunt their belly. When agriculture and animal husbandry are fully developed to meet human needs, hunting activities have many meanings. You can train, you can entertain, and you can even select talents.
Many people now choose to hunt at night, because the alertness of animals at night is much lower than that of the morning, so the hunting flashlight is a must-have tool for the hunters.

  • How to choose the right hunting flashlight?

What is the first step of night hunting? Of course, it is clear to see the animals. Nowadays, there are very few people who use the hounds and hunters to use the simple optical equipment to make the hunters have dark eyes. The most common tools are thermal imaging, night vision, and hunting flashlight.

Thermal imaging and night vision are quietly observing animals while hunting flashlights expose prey to strong light. If thermal imaging and night vision are the means of sneak attack, then the use of hunting flashlights is a confrontation with the animals, and the hunter’s superb hunting skills are needed as a benchmark. Today we will introduce the hunting flashlight.

The most important thing to note when using a hunting flashlight is to grasp the most appropriate timing, because the moment when the flashlight flashed, the battle for hunters and animals officially started. For those who truly understand the true meaning of hunting, hunting is not a game between fights, but a confrontation of life, patient considerations, and humanity, so the hunting equipment has reached a point of nitpicking.

With the development of the market, there are more and more hunting flashlights on the market, and the functions are more and more varied. It is easy to make people look good, but from these basic aspects, plus the functional choices you need, It is definitely not wrong.

1. Function: In order to attract customers, many flashlights have been attached to more and more functions. Many people try to make the best use of them, avoid repeated investment, and buy some kinds of flashlights, but we do not recommend this. The more features and parts. It is easier to be damaged, always remember the core needs, and don’t be blinded by the miscellaneous features.
2. Brightness: This is a purchase condition that must be carefully considered. When hunting at night, you must have a very good grasp of where the shot is where the prey is.
The beam can be adjusted: I believe that many people have suffered from the loss of the night light flashlight that cannot adjust the speed of light. The night hunting flashlight needs to have a wide and narrow range of adjustment. This adjustment option allows the hunter to see the prey situation in the whole area at a glance.
3. Reliability: Although flashlights are very common, a reliable hunting flashlight is a rare good thing. The circuit is complex and fragile, and it is often paralyzed during the hunting process. If a shock occurs, the bad flashlight will definitely ruin a well-planned night hunting activity.
4. Efficiency: This efficiency refers to hunting efficiency. Nowadays, the source of electric energy for hunting flashlights is diverse, but we recommend using the same battery pack to charge the best, that is, to compress the capital investment, and not to use the flashlight when the emergency power is off.
No matter what the situation, night hunting is inseparable from the illumination of the flashlight and different situations require different functions to bless. If it is in a long-term foggy jungle, we recommend using a red-light flashlight because red light has the longest light and the strongest penetration, making it the perfect choice for conquering the jungle. Conversely, if you are hunting in the plains, the intensity of green light is lower, but the brightness is the highest.
5. Luminous body: The most common LED lamp is the most commonly used by hunters. It has high brightness, low energy consumption, high reliability, long life, and can withstand various harsh environments.
6. Reflective cup: The reflective cup has the function of collecting light to achieve the effect of enhancing the illumination. The deeper the depth of the reflector, the larger the aperture, the better the concentrating effect. But this is not to say that the concentration of light is good. If you are hunting long distances, such as hunting wild boars, you need to gather light flashlights. If you are hunting at close range, such as pheasants, you need to have better flooding.
7. Lens: Lenses are details that are often overlooked by hunters, but they are crucial. The lens gathers or disperses the light by the refraction of the light. When selecting the flashlight, it depends on whether there is a clear bright circle or dark circle. If there is, do not choose it.
8. Circuit system: The circuit system of the flashlight is very fragile. Why do some hand power use for several years, and some can only last for several hours? The circuit system of the flashlight has an inescapable relationship. The most stable system is the constant current circuit, which keeps the brightness of the flashlight at the same level during use, which increases the stability of the illumination.
9. Power supply: It is best to use a hunting flashlight combined with battery and charging. The battery is divided into dry battery, high-energy battery, and lithium battery, which can be selected according to different needs.
10. Housing: Common hunting electric housings are divided into several types: metal materials, engineering plastics, and aluminum alloy surface treatment. We recommend aluminum alloy surface treatment shell flashlight, which is not easy to rust with metal materials, and also avoids the shortcomings of poor thermal conductivity of engineering plastics.