UF-009 USB Flashlight

  • Model: UF-009
  • Material: all copper module
  • Light source form: laser
  • Size: 120 * 13 mm
  • Weight: 29 grams
  • Charging form: USB direct charge / line charge
  • Light: Green light
  • Color: gold, silver
  • Use environment: sales office, engineering construction
  • Features:
    1. High-quality laser lamp head with bright light and longer range;
    2. The upgraded push-type positioning switch is easy to use without long press;
    3. New intelligent USB charging, convenient and fast, can be charged anytime, anywhere;
    4. The end of the convenient metal pen holder, easy to carry, easy to carry.


  • The flashlight switch is at the end, press the button to energize, and then press the power off once, and cycle sequentially;
  • How to shift: This function is only suitable for dimming flashlight, the single-function flashlight does not have this function. If you want to change the gear position, power on to any file, the power-on time is less than 2 seconds to power off, then shift the gear after the next power-on, cycle, in turn, power on for more than 3 seconds has a memory function, the next power-on or default this gear, It is recommended to tap the switch to make power-off shifting more convenient;
  • Please use the appropriate battery according to the requirements of the flashlight. Do not use the wrong type of battery, otherwise, there is the danger of burning the circuit;
  • When installing the battery, the positive electrode enters the flashlight first, and the reverse connection does not light up;
  • Non-professionals should not open the circuit board, open or handle the circuit board is not covered by the warranty;
  • The company’s flashlight has the ability to waterproof life, the general rain will not have problems, but does not have the diving function, do not carry this flashlight diving or a long time in the basin, bathtub;
  • In order to keep the “O” ring (sealing rubber ring) and thread rotation smooth, wipe the surface of the grease 2-3 times a year.

Lithium battery instructions

If you are using a battery with a protection circuit, you don’t need to look at the following instructions. The following precautions are for batteries without a protection circuit:

  • Do not overcharge and discharge, otherwise, it is easy to produce leakage and scrap;
  • Can not exhaust the battery and then remove the battery from the flashlight, should be charged in time when the battery has remaining power, charging time is 3-5 hours, the charger indicator changes in time to remove, cannot be charged for a long time ;
  • Special reminder: Use a charger with anti-overcharge and anti-reverse connection;
  • Do not use the battery for a long time, should be fully charged to save, normal charge and discharge once in about three months.

The warranty description

  • Flashlight warranty instructions: the company’s flashlight warranty for three months, lifetime warranty. Within three months, quality problems occur, free maintenance, free replacement parts (only electronic originals), man-made damage is not in this range; problems occur after three months, maintenance-free costs, the cost of replacement parts is charged.
  • Battery warranty description: the new heat shrink packaging battery will not be returned, because of the special nature of battery-based electronic products, due to the different voltages required, the method of use and the proficiency of the buyer, etc., bring some problems, respect Please note that please understand.


Our products must be inspected before shipment to ensure that they will be shipped without problems. Generally, there will be no problems, but in the course of transportation, due to bumps, damps, etc., it is inevitable that there will be individual problems, if there are illuminants Do not light, or only slightly bright, please follow the instructions below: Before repairing, please ensure that the threads of the flashlight are not tightened, if the threads are not screwed tightness may also be the cause of no light or slight light.

  • Check the battery: Make sure the battery has electricity and load the battery in the correct direction. Do not use batteries of different brands. The old and new batteries cannot be mixed.
  • Determine the fault: unscrew the tail, expose the battery negative, use a metal plate such as a key or tweezers to connect the negative pole of the battery and the exposed unoxidized part of the flashlight next to the battery to see if it is lit. If it is OK, it is the problem of the flashlight switch. Please check according to step 3. If it is not bright, please check whether the soldering at the junction of the circuit compartment and the circuit board is open or soldered. If there is any, please re-weld to solve the problem.
  • Check the tail cover switch: Unscrew the tail of the flashlight, you can see that the outer ring of the switch spring has a switch pressure ring with two concave points. Use tweezers to rotate clockwise on even a concave point to check the switch pressure ring. Is it lose, make sure that the switch ring is pressed against the switch and there is no looseness.

About the packageing datails, you can visit this page.

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