• International Express

International express delivery refers to express and logistics operations between two or more countries (or regions). The delivery of letters, business documents and articles by the state and the country (or region) is the means of transporting the express shipments through border ports and customs between countries. After the international express arrives at the destination country, it needs to be re-transferred in the destination country in order to deliver the shipment to the final destination.
Nowadays, there are many express delivery companies in the world, such as DHL, FedEx, EMS, TNT, UPS, SF, etc. Usually, the samples are sent to customers by express delivery, which takes about 3-7 days. If you are in a hurry to get the goods, you can also choose to express, but the cost will be more expensive.

  • Sea Transportation

Customers who usually have more goods will choose to ship, because sea freight is relatively cheap, and the shipping schedule is usually 20-30 days.
If you choose to ship, then the customer needs to know the following information.


Container size:

Type Inner length
Inner width
Inner height
Door height
Door width
20GP 5.898 2.352 2.385 2.28 2.343 28 17.5 2.3
40GP 12.032 2.352 2.385 2.28 2.343 57 28 3.4
60HC/HQ 12.032 2.352 2.69 2.585 2.343 67/83 28 4


Shopping time from China to other countries:

Departure Country Destination Country Time







East Asia 1-3 days
Southeast Asia 7-10 days
South Asia Around 15 days
Australia and New Zealand (Australia, New Zealand, etc.) Around 20 days
Middle East Line (Dubai, Iran, etc.) 15-25 days
North Africa’s Mediterranean region (Turkey, Spain, Greece, etc.) 20-30 days
Europe (UK, France, Italy, etc.) 30-40 days
East Africa (Kenny, South Africa, etc.) Around 25 days
West Africa More than 35 days
Western North America 22-30 days
Eastern North America 12-14 days
Central America 20-30 days
South American Line (West) 25-30 days
South American Line (East) 30-35days