• The USB flashlight refers to the USB interface, which can be directly charged by a flashlight. It is convenient for everyone to use.

The USB flashlight(Rechargeable flashlight) refers to the USB interface, which can be directly charged by a flashlight. It is convenient, camping, hiking or night riding can be directly used to charge mobile phones or computers, is a good choice. Today, most of the flashlights are LEDs.

So what are the advantages of LEDs?
1. Led ultra-long service life, generally can reach more than 5 to 100,000 hours, 5 to 10 times higher than the traditional tungsten filament lamp life.
2. Cold light, low heat, will not damage the lamp holder, high security.
3. The reaction speed is fast, impact resistance, good weather resistance, small size, easy to be small and lightweight.
4. Energy saving, energy saving, low power consumption, green and environmentally friendly materials.
5. Low voltage drive (voltage is 1.8~4.0V) safe.

How to choose a USB flashlight:
1. Look at welding, welding must be strong. Each diode is connected to the circuit board by soldering. If there is a bad solder joint, it may cause the beads to be off or affect the overall use.
2. Look at waterproof, good USB flashlight with waterproof function, good seismic performance, that is, resistant to falling. Because it belongs to electronic products, there is a circuit board at the front of the flashlight. Once it enters the water, it is easy to short-circuit and cause damage.
3. Look at the appearance, you can choose aluminum alloy shell, beautiful and generous. Depending on the application and use, you can choose the appropriate size of the flashlight.
4. Look at the aperture, a good flashlight aperture is a uniform circle, the difference flashlight spot is divided into yellow and blue uneven distribution.